Women in Rock, Women in Romanticism Errata

Errata page for Women in Rock, Women in Romanticism. If you see additional errors, please email jamesrovira (at) gmail (dot) com. In the event of my death, please promote the book so much it goes into a second edition and then fix everything listed on this page. Paragraph numbers count full paragraphs only unless noted otherwise.

A note on the subtitle: When I submitted the book proposal, I include as a subtitle “The Emancipation of Female Will.” My intent was to explain the subtitle through my discussion of Schopenhauer and then the term “female will” as it appears in Blake’s mythological works, which I interpret (in part) as Blake’s description of some women’s responses to social suppression of women’s agency. However, at the proposal stage one of my peer reviewers recommended that I just delete the subtitle, and furthermore, my discussion of Blake never materialized. I requested that the subtitle be deleted numerous times throughout the manuscript preparation process, beginning with my first response to the first drafts returned to me in Word, but the contractors who were responsible for final manuscript preparation refused to do so. I finally held off on final edits until I was told that the subtitle would be deleted. I think the contractors did not want to go through the trouble. They said they would, and they did — the subtitle does not appear on printed copies of the book — but the subtitle still appears on the image of the book cover on Routledge’s website. I emailed the editorial team there, they said they would correct it, and they did, but as of March 9, 2023 the incorrect cover image showing the deleted subtitle appears on the site again on the top page of the book area. It does not appear on Google Books, Kindle, or Kobo previews, however.

ErrorCorrectionPage No.Comment
WhitmanWhitsonp. xvI would like to fall off the face of the earth for this inexcusable error. Roger WhitSON, along with Jason Whittaker, provided invaluable feedback on the proposal. I was reading in American literature at the time of writing this, was somewhat in a state of brain fog, and didn’t think there could be any errors on the Acknowledgments page.
comparison betweencomparison ofp. 5, par. 2
therefore, addressingtherefore addressingp. 9, par. 1
that producesthat producep. 9, par. 2
principalprinciplep. 10, par. 2Everyone knows your principle is your pal… or something like that.
Content revisionComment onp. 12, par. 1This section of the book needed to incorporate discussion of Schelling’s 1809 essay on Spinoza.
Content revisioninsert textp. 12, par. 1…rather than reason and at times equivalent to either children or slaves.
Wordsworth’s PrefaceWordsworth’s Prefacep. 14 par. 1Most of the page is a single, partial paragraph which is counted here as paragraph 1.
itself outward unthinkinglyitself unthinkinglyp. 20, par. 1Not a vital edit–just seems redundant.
skepticism and thenskepticism, and then he p. 22, par. 1Incomplete paragraph at top of page.
qualification, however.qualification.p. 25 , par. 3
…differently from men,” and theydifferently from men.” Theyp. 29, par. 1Breaking up one sentence into two and then revising the second sentence.
previous centuries, while inprevious centuries, and inp. 29, par. 1Extension of revision above.
but an artistic…responsebut artistic…responsesp. 34, par. 3
guitar god, I will contend, is British…guitar god is British…p. 43, par. 1Repetition of phrase “I will contend.”
she declares “I choose….she declares, “I choose…p. 49, par. 1Partial paragraph at top of page.
Close parentheses after 1843.p. 57, footnote 16
as a continuum,” andas a continuum” andp. 64, par. 1
Joplin’s versionJoplin’s songp. 68, par. 1Two different works are being compared, not two versions of the same work.
accompaniment and there isaccompaniment, and there isp. 83, par. 2
The British Constitution in Church and StateThe British subordination of church to state [?]p. 106, par. 1
Smith comes furtherSmith goes fartherp. 115, par. 2
by the camera,by the camera: p. 134, par. 1Partial paragraph at top of page.
African American women’s performanceAfrican American women’s performancesp. 190, par. 3This chapter might consider hyphenating African-American only when used as an adjective. CMOS drops the hyphen but its guidance doesn’t discuss adjectival forms. I should have researched this further at the time.
linkage betweenlinkage amongp. 191, par. 1
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