V for Vendetta: V for Vindictive

v-vendettaA link to my article “V for Vendetta: V for Vindictive” originally published May 2006 on Metaphilm which reads the Wachowski Brothers’ V for Vendetta as a melodramatic reaction to the Bush Administration post 9-11.

Subverting the Mechanisms of Control…

ImageI’m reposting here an article of mine from 2005: “Subverting the Mechanisms of Control: Baudrillard, The Matrix Trilogy, and the Future of Religion” from the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies.

Somewhat more ancient versions of this article can be found at Riverwest Currents (about The Matrix Reloaded) and my original short essay at towerofbabel.com (about the original Matrix film), where it was translated into Turkish.

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