David Bowie and Romanticism Errata

Errata page for David Bowie and Romanticism. If you see additional errors beyond those listed below, please email jamesrovira (at) gmail (dot) com. In the event of my death, please promote the book so much it goes into a second edition and then fix everything listed on this page. Paragraph numbers count full paragraphs only unless noted otherwise, so “par. 1” usually means first full paragraph on the page.

A note on the manuscript preparation process: I originally intended the publication of David Bowie and Romanticism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2022) and Women in Rock, Women in Romanticism (Routledge, 2023) to be separated by about a year, with the Bowie book coming out first. However, Palgrave was slow in moving the book into production and Routledge incredibly fast, so they wound up being released about three to four months apart. Women in Rock is listed as published in 2023, but it came out October 2022.

It seems that both Palgrave and Routledge use contractors in India for final manuscript preparation. These contractors vary in quality from book to book, and I had some issues with both of them. One Palgrave book that I reviewed (not this one) had over 100 errors — not different style preferences, or differences in UK vs. US usage, but errors — in the book, most of them comma related, some of them including a comma between a subject and its verb. I did not count the omission of a serial comma as that is a style preference (but if you delete it, you must think McDonald’s is a delicacy). My manuscript preparation team for both publishers were more competent than that, but Palgrave’s contractors displayed some second language errors in their initial correction of my first draft such as incorrect use of the definite article. I had to include links to grammar websites to explain some of my corrections.

The table below lists remaining errors caught after publication.

ErrorCorrectionPage No.Comment
Chap. 2.chapter 2.8, par. 2
public image this way in a waypublic image in a way12, par. 2
many which have beenmany of which have been19, par. 1
anthropoceneAnthropocene52, par. 1
a Romantic orientalist ideaa Romantic, orientalist idea71, par. 1
Romanticism represented innovativeNot sure “represented” is the right verb here.185, par. 1
emotional response haveemotional responses have186, par. 1
career out on overturningcareer on overturning187, par. 2Bottom of page.
one individual watches… theyany individuals watch192, par. 1
game for Sarahgame requiring Sarah193, par. 1
arise: Anarise: an193, par. 1
lacked frame oflacked a frame of195, par. 1Top of page.
glaring cases ofglaring cases of the196, par. 2
departed fromdeparted from an197, par. 1
underscored by [extra line break here]deleted unwanted line break227, par. 1Annoying, incompetent work by typesetters.
There were five suitesIndent before “There”236, par. 1
spray paintedspray-painted248, par. 1Top of page.
and it’s very likelybut it’s very likely254n75
in his video, “Blackstar,”in his video “Blackstar,”275n56
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