Some Days the OED Just Really Comes Through

Word of the Day, May 19, 2014 OED Online Word of the Day Your word for today is: hot diggety dog, int. hot diggety dog, int. [‘ An exclamation of joy or surprise. Cf. hot dog int.’] Pronunciation: Brit. /hɒtˌdɪɡətiˈdɒɡ/,  U.S. /ˌhɑtˌdɪɡədiˈdɑɡ/ Forms:  19– hot diggerty dog,   19– hot diggety dog,   19– hot diggity dog,   20– hot diggedy-dawg. Etymology:Alteration of hot dog int., with alteration of the vowel of the second syllable andContinue reading “Some Days the OED Just Really Comes Through”

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