Some Days the OED Just Really Comes Through

Word of the Day, May 19, 2014

OED Online Word of the Day

Your word for today is: hot diggety dog, int.

hot diggety dog, int.
[‘ An exclamation of joy or surprise. Cf. hot dog int.’]
Pronunciation: Brit. /hɒtˌdɪɡətiˈdɒɡ/,  U.S. /ˌhɑtˌdɪɡədiˈdɑɡ/
Forms:  19– hot diggerty dog,   19– hot diggety dog,   19– hot diggity dog,   20– hot diggedy-dawg.
Etymology:Alteration of hot dog int., with alteration of the vowel of the second syllable and suffixation (compare -ety suffix). Compare ziggety int., adj., and adv. 1lickety-split n. atlickety adv., etc.
  An exclamation of joy or surprise. Cf. hot dog int.

1923  T. A. Dorgan in  L. Zwilling TAD Lexicon (1993) 46 Hot diggerty dog.
1927 Sun (Baltimore) 3 Apr. ii. i. 12/2 When it comes to ‘hot dog’, there’s no more to be said, unless it is, perhaps, to add a frill and make it ‘hot diggety dog’.
1952  M. R. Rinehart Swimming Pool xi. 104 Hot diggety dog! Ain’t that something?
1990  W. Stewart Right Church Wrong Pew (1991) xxiii. 174 Hot diggety dog. I fished a notebook out of my jacket pocket.
2004  S. Hunter Hell Bent for Leather (2005) xii. 222 Hot diggedy-dawg did we needredeeming.

Song du jour: “Nomada” by Katarzyna Nosowksa

A really weird, but cool and interesting, video. “Nomada” by Katarzyna Nosowksa.

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