Why MOOCs Aren’t for College Credit and Shouldn’t Be

Number 1 reason: the business world is made up of perhaps hundreds of millions of human interactions that take place on a daily basis. If college study doesn’t give students regular opportunities for human interaction, college study will not prepare graduates for the workforce.

And now we have empirical research supporting what we should have known without it. According to the recent Gallup-Purdue Research Report as reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education,

College graduates, whether they went to a hoity-toity private college or a midtier public, had double the chances of being engaged in their work and were three times as likely to be thriving in their well-being if they connected with a professor on the campus who stimulated them, cared about them, and encouraged their hopes and dreams.

Machines can only train people to be machines. Human interaction matters. People who argue otherwise are primarily concerned with saving the money of the wealthy interests that they represent, not concerned with giving our students the education that they actually need.

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