Last Original Member of the Ramones Dies

Tommy Ramone, the last living original member of the Ramones, passed away today (July 11th).

And as a bonus: first description of the Ramones, written by Tommy in 1975. From Letters of Note on Facebook.

Description of the Ramones

The four original members, starting in 1974:

Dee Dee Ramone: Sept, 18, 1951-June 5, 2002 (heroine overdose)
Joey Ramone: May 19, 1951 – April 15, 2001 (lymphoma)
Johnny Ramone: October 8, 1948 – September 15, 2004 (prostate cancer)
Tommy Ramone: January 29, 1952 — July 11, 2014 (cancer of the bile duct)

Other remaining members performing with the band until it disbanded in 1996:

Marky Ramone: with the band from ’78-’83 and then ’87-’96.
C.J. Ramone: with the band from ’89-’96.

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