Images for Chapter 2 of Rock and Romanticism, Palgrave Macmillan

The following images are associated with chapter two of Rock and Romanticism: Post-Punk, Goth, and Metal as Dark Romanticisms, Palgrave Macmillan: “‘Bliss was it in that shirt to be alive’: Connecting Romanticism and New Romanticism Through Dress” by Emily Bernhard Jackson.

Figure 1
Fig. 1: A collection of New Romantic outfits.

Figure 2
Fig. 2: Spandau Ballet, ca. 1981.

Figure 3
Fig. 3. Boy George, ca. 1980.

Figure 4
Fig. 4. Duran Duran, ca. 1981. Note ruffled shirt on bassist John Taylor (left).

Figure 5
Fig. 5. Adam and the Ants, ca. 1982. Note Ant’s ruffled shirt.

Figure 6
Fig. 6. Spandau Ballet, ca. 1979. Note ruffled shirt on drummer John Keeble (left front) and bassist Martin Kemp (left rear).

Figure 7
Fig. 7. Adam Ant, ca. 1981 (Kings of the Wild Frontier).

Figure 8
Fig. 8. Caricature of Beau Brummel, ca. 1805 by Richard Dighton.

Figure 9
Fig. 9. Etching of Lord Byron, George Henry Harlow, 1815.

Figure 10
Fig 10. Adam Ant.

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