A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal

Marty’s haiku about Anatidaephobia, which is a pervasive, irrational fear that one is being watched by a duck, wins the internet today.

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A - Z Theme Reveal

Greetings, fiends and accomplices! We are creeping up slowly on the most awesome A-Z Blog Challenge. April 1st, the madness begins. One post per weekday, 26 in total, from A-Z!

We are quite giddy about this (we don’t get out much) and to assuage some of the giddiness, we are exposing ourselves…errr, our themes.

Ready, folks? My theme for April’s Challenge is…drumroll…


!!! PHOBIAS !!!

One lovely little phobia for every letter of the alphabet. To make the posts easy-peasy to read, I will present my 26 posts in the form of Haiku. Quick to read, in and out, so you should have no qualms about clicking any one of the several Follow buttons off to the left of this post. Go and click, dear friends…I’ll wait.

do it now

Okay, so you are now following Mott’s Ruminations, yes?


As a Thank You (and to show how generous I am) I’m gonna drop…

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