LSAT Numbers Plummet

1cbbcaeIf you’re thinking about law school, read this reblogged post. The numbers of students taking the entrance exam for law school — the LSAT — are plummeting, which means that law school numbers are, as they should be, crashing and burning. Find out which schools are the top schools for employment and apply just to those. Forget about the ranking of the law school. Pay attention to employment numbers. The American Bar Association has been tracking the numbers of law school graduates who get jobs and the link above leads to information about the top 25 schools for employment.

I’ve been telling students not to bother to apply to law school. Now I would tell them to apply to only one of those top 25. With plummeting enrollment numbers across the boards, they have a better chance of getting in to a good law school.

Just keep in mind employment figures are still very tough for new lawyers. Every year, about half or fewer of new lawyers find work.

Finding My College

The ABA Journal (American Bar Association) reports that the number of people sitting for the law school admission test (LSAT) this year is 40% lower than in 2009. There has been a downward trend for five years.

Just a few points:

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