About the Background…

2014-06-08 13.15.48

The image I’m using (at present) for the background and header for my site is a detail of ceiling art at the Columbus Museum of Art. They have a children’s section in the basement with big, papery lit-up things that change colors. I caught this one on a bluish-purple phase. I shot the photo with my iPhone 5.

The font for my new logo is Sultan Cafe Decor, downloaded for free from Fontspace.com.

My previous orange, swirly header/background, which you can see below, is a detail of an artwork at a local artists’ space in Lincoln, Nebraska, where I visited in June of 2013 to attend the National Endowment for the Humanities summer institute¬†“Reassessing British Romanticism,” led by Steven Behrendt of University of Nebraska, Lincoln. This was shot with my iPhone 4. What was particularly interesting that day was that the artists’ space was featuring a mural dedicated to Nikolai Tesla (photo below), which gave me my first experience of a Tesla car.










Nikolai Tesla Mural

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