Mesmerizing Photographs of Soldiers’ Faces Before and After a War

bddaA visual diary of the effects of war upon soldiers…

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Mesmerizing Photographs Of Soldiers’ Faces Before And After A War

While the emotional repercussions of war aren’t easy to measure, the before, during, and after pictures of soldiers who have seen combat tell a pretty unsettling story. There’s something mesmerizing about these photographs, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

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On this Memorial Day…

Record Military SuicidesOn this Memorial Day, let’s remember that the first victims of war are soldiers — and support them both home and abroad. We’re particularly failing them after they come home. Not only do we have record military suicides, but one in four of the homeless are veterans. Ask your Congressperson today why Congress isn’t working harder to take care of our veterans and servicemen.

The Sociopathology of Everyday Business

WorkplaceI’m posting a link here to my 2010 review of The University Against Itself for Workplace: A Journal of Academic Labor. The reviewed anthology is a collection of essays about the failed 2005-06 NYU graduate student workers’ strike and what participants learned from it. The events surrounding this strike form something like a case study for many of the dysfunctions in higher ed. today.

Law School Isn’t the Slam Dunk It Used To Be

I’ve blogged in the past about the dangers of pursuing a degree in law. These dangers are reflective of problems with the legal profession nationally, as this reposted blog indicates.

Finding My College

The above graph, which should be of interest to any student who is considering a career in law, was published by Bloomberg as part of this article in Business Week about the demise of Howrey, a formerly renowned though subsequently bankrupt D.C. law firm.

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The Lion King: Hamlet and the Myth of Happy Vengeance

lionkingThe Lion King: Hamlet and the Myth of Happy Vengeance” is my September 2003 Metaphilm article exploring both the Disney classic as a retelling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the implications of a vengeance plot with a happy, Disney ending.

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