Christie Is Getting Tired

Gov. Christie

Gov. Chris Christie is getting tired.

He’s tired of hearing about human suffering.

He’s tired of being reminded that he has a responsibility to all of his constituents, not just the ones who fund his campaign.

He’s tired of being reminded that there are people in the world who are not like him.

He’s tired of having to think about economic growth in terms other than failed right-wing clichés.

He’s tired of hearing opinions other than his own.

He’s tired of being reminded of his prejudices.

And above all, he’s tired of democracy. He wants an oligarchy, so that he knows, as a politician, that he’s really working for the people putting money in his pocket and not anyone else.

What he needs to know about the minimum wage is that most people getting it aren’t high school kids living with their parents. Half of those paid minimum wage or less are over the age of 25. But most importantly, raising the minimum wage is good for business. The states that have raised the minimum wage have seen the fastest job growth. While job growth has a number of contributing factors, increasing the pay of a large customer base is good for business everywhere: real economic growth starts at the bottom and works up, not at the top and works down. That means that raising the minimum wage is good for small business too: it will increase business costs but also increase business revenue, so that business owners are getting a smaller slice of a bigger pie — which means a better bottom line.

Christie’s tired of hearing from teachers too. You know, I think the GOP itself is tired. It’s tired of facts. It’s tired of its own country. Most of all, if you’re reading this, you should know that it’s tired of you. 

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  1. Maybe he can just go away and rest. He’ll not have to stretch himself to find solutions or even go through the motions. And the good folks of NJ can be done with him. A win-win.


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