Stuff My Students Do: Steel Wynd

I’m going to occasionally post (maybe a couple of times a week) links and videos to work my former students are doing. It’ll tend to be creative, funny, or odd, mostly, because my students were English majors. First installment: a demo video for Jaime Rhodes’s Bowling Green, OH based band Steel Wynd. Since graduating from Tiffin University she has earned her M.A. from the University of Toledo and is looking at doctoral programs in composition and digital rhetoric. While at TU she successfully completed a study abroad term at Oxford University. I’m proud to say that she kept up with the reading and writing, though she returned with a poor little fried brain.

Note: if you’re a former student of mine from any institution and you’re doing stuff that you want to tell the world about, email me at jamesrovira at gmail dot com.

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