Notes on Derrida 2: A Reading Regimen

Pulled this one out of my drafts folder and thought I’d finally post it.
If you want to read Derrida, read the works below in the following order before you start:

PlatoPhaedrus, Phaedo, IonRepublicBook VII
Descartes Meditations
Spinoza: Ethics
G.W. Leibniz
Theodicy, MonadologyDiscourse on Metaphysics. See Dewey on Leibniz.
RousseauEssay on the Origins of LanguageConfessionsDiscourse on the Arts and SciencesThe Social Contract
Immanuel Kant
Critique of Pure Reason, The Critique of Judgment
Hegel: Phenomenology of Mind (“Spirit” in some translations)
Schelling: “Ideas on a Philosophy of Nature…” (1803), “Deduction of a Universal Organ of Philosophy” (1800), “Philosophical Investigations in the Essence of Human Freedom and Related Matters” (1809)
KierkegaardConcept of IronyEither/OrConcluding Unscientific PostscriptConcept of Anxiety
Stéphane MallarméSelected Poems, Essays and Letters (see this collection)
NietzscheThe Birth of Tragedy, The Case of Wagner, Thus Spake ZarathrustaThe Twilight of the Idols
Edmund HusserlIdeas 
Martin Heidegger: Being and TimeKant and the Question of Metaphysics
Claude Levi-Strauss: Structural Anthropology
Jean RoussetForme et signification, essais sur les structures littéraires de Corneille à Claudel


Published by James Rovira

Dr. James Rovira is higher education professional with twenty years experience in the field in teaching, administration, and advising roles. He is also an interdisciplinary scholar and writer whose works include fiction, poetry, and scholarship exploring the intersections of literature and philosophy, literature and psychology, literary theory, and music and literature.. His books include Women in Rock, Women in Romanticism (Routledge, 2023); David Bowie and Romanticism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2022); Writing for College and Beyond (a first-year composition textbook (Lulu 2019)); Reading as Democracy in Crisis: Interpretation, Theory, History (Lexington Books 2019); Rock and Romanticism: Blake, Wordsworth, and Rock from Dylan to U2 (Lexington Books, 2018); Rock and Romanticism: Post-Punk, Goth, and Metal as Dark Romanticisms (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018); and Blake and Kierkegaard: Creation and Anxiety (Continuum/Bloomsbury, 2010). See his website at for details.

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