I’m not going to do a lot of extensive research for this post. I just want to suggest a couple of ideas about the topic of rape culture and sports teams.

I think that male sports teams are particularly focused pockets of rape culture.

[Insert research here: list all of the most horrifying national news stories over the last three or four years and point out how many of them were associated with sports teams or participants of sports teams, and then research general statistics on rape.]

BUT, I’m not saying this to single out male sports teams as a scapegoat.

INSTEAD, I’m asking us to consider using them as leverage to change this culture.

Male sports teams, starting at the junior high school level at least, are where boys need most to learn respect for women, at least outside of the home.

I think coaches need to be held responsible for student misconduct: three strikes (instances of player misconduct) and you’re (the coach) out.

This policy would carry with it the danger of increased suppression of reporting, but it could be effective.

And I think this issue needs to be tied to Title IX funding at the college and university levels: funding eligibility should be linked to training and the requirement of the development of an ethos of respect for women among all male sports teams.

Are more details needed? Of course.

I’m not here to develop a full fledged policy, just to state an idea.