A Fractured Conjuring: Now Available

I’m proud to have represented Marty’s latest novel, A Fractured Conjuring, so that we can all finally see his brilliant work given a little bit of the recognition and support it deserves. I took on the role of literary agent just for this novel — just to see my friend finally published with a decent press.

His newest novel stares evil in the face and shows its readers just what it sees. I don’t think this book is about hypothetical evils. I think it represents real evil in fictional form, exposing it so that we can understand it and its destructive, multi-generational effects. So yes, it’s a very disturbing novel. It’s not something that you read for entertainment, but rather for the intensity of the reading experience, and to learn why the worst parts of our world are the way they are. While I am opposed to trigger warnings in general, I would append a trigger warning to this book. If you have never felt like your soul has been taken away from you at some point in your life, I wouldn’t recommend reading it.

If you’re up for it, or if you know someone who is, A Fractured Conjuring is now available for purchase through the publisher’s website and through amazon.com in addition to a number of other outlets. It should be available through all standard book readers very soon, if it isn’t already.

If you are a regularly publishing reviewer and would like a review copy, please email me at jamesrovira at gmail dot com.

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