Daughter Talk, Rovira Household, September 10th, 2015

Grace (8) to Dad: “I saw Elly at the park today. She was walking her dog. She got a new dog.”
Dad to Grace: “But did Elly get her groove back?”
Grace to Dad: “Oh shut up.”

Beka (24ish) to Dad (on FB): “Considering your position as a certified Apple Whore™, im afraid I have to keep you from placing further comment for legal reasons dad.”

Beka to Dad (on FB): “whoa you’re blowing my mind, you might just out-banksy yourself here.”
Dad to Beka: “I dream of the day in which I can out-Banksy myself.”

Zoe (5) to Dad: <sniffles> “I’m sick. I need to stay home from school tomorrow.”
Dad to Zoe: “What did you learn in school today?”
Zoe to Dad: “We had two <holds up two fingers> snacks.”

Bethy Rovira (27) (on FB): emoticon

UPDATE: “All i get is a sticker comment? And no age? Lammmeeee”

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