Sleep well, B.B. King

I was lucky enough to see B.B. King in Morristown, NJ in the early 2000s, sometime before 2004. Yes, it was a great show, and he was a great performer and guitarist, but what impressed me the most at the time was that whatever he’d been all his life (I just don’t know), he’d become a gentleman in all of the best senses of the word. He seemed to me like someone to emulate. We lost a truly great person today. Sleep well, B.B. King.

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    1. Thanks for the reblog. BTW, I’m going to circulate notice about the collection of poems written by 16 year olds in response to Byron’s poetry to Byron scholars. I think they’d appreciate it.

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      1. Great idea. Personally I prefer his poems better than Childe Harold which is more propagated. His poetry is extremely emotional and my students reacted much better than I expected. Hence, this tiny collection. It may not be perfect but they are only 16 years old and their first attempt to write poetry. I just gave them the ABABCDCD rhyming pattern and was absolutely surprised with the results.


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