College Graduates, Be Careful What You Ask For

If you’re a college grad, or even a high school grad thinking about college, think long and hard about the workforce situation described in this post. The first key is staying out of debt.


2 thoughts on “College Graduates, Be Careful What You Ask For

  1. James
    I do not agree with you all the time .
    But this time you are 100 % right .
    I also appeal to parents.
    Please do not send your children to second class colleges.
    They will be underemployed or not employed at all .
    See even graduates of the good colleges are at risk .
    As you say never debt .
    I am an engineer of 50 years . I paid many times more Money to plummers than I paid to an engineer.
    There are many good vocational schools too .


    1. I agree, M — vocational school should be more often considered an option. Those can be pretty expensive too, so everyone needs to think about avoiding debt and what they really want to do in life.


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