Funniest Sitcom Episodes of All Time?

Here are my top votes. Any other suggestions? I feel like an episode of All in the Family belongs here, but I can’t pick just one.

WKRP in Cincinnati: Thanksgiving Episode

The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Funeral for Chuckles the Clown

Friends: Eye Exam episode

Seinfeld: Parking Garage episode

Friends: Thanksgiving Confessions

Seinfeld: Every “Soup Nazi” episode ever made

Fawlty Towers: Bad German Jokes

Night Court: The Mel Torme episode

Cheers: Woody Gets an Election

Red Dwarf: Wilma is totally hot!

4 Replies to “Funniest Sitcom Episodes of All Time?”

  1. Best Seinfeld: Kenny Rogers Chicken Roaster Sign episode. Jerry becomes Kramer: “Oh, I’m stressed.” Newman chews broccoli: “Vile Weed!” Peterman as Kurtz: “Hamma Nomm. Gommonam Jama!” “You speak Burmese?” “No, Elaine, that was gibberish.” Most laughs per minute of any episode.


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