Requiescat in Pace, Andrew Greeley

250px-Andrew_GreeleyGuest post by Sheridan Lorraine

Father Andrew Greeley — whose novels and essays I’ve read for years — and who helped me come to terms with my ideas about Christianity – died today. I never made it to Chicago to meet him, one of the few authors I’ve ever really wanted to meet. More than any minister or preacher I’ve ever listened to or read, Father Greeley made me believe in the humanity of Christ and the paternal love of a creator, and he made faith real, human, accepting of all, and yes — erotic. The world is a sadder place without this author and priest.

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  1. He will be missed–His Joshua series of books have an honored place on my bookshelves–God Bless Fr. Andrew Greeley


  2. I met Fr. Greeley when I was a college student in the 60’s. I am now in my late 60’s. I am a theologian, counselor, and counselor educator. He has influenced every phase of my life. He was one of the first to teach me that ministry is about faith, not religion and that religion does not have the corner on faith. Faith is About our capacity for intentional relatedness and churches are tools to help us grapple with the forces that impact those relationships. I owe him and others of his time much. They paid big prices!


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