Apple Music Playlist: Cool Acoustic

I’ve subscribed to Apple Music recently and have started creating — or rather, recreating — my iPod playlists and sharing them. This post is an experiment in embedding a link to them in WordPress. If you subscribe to Apple Music, you should be able to view and listen to the playlist in iTunes or Apple Music by clicking on the link. If you’re not an Apple Music subscriber, you can view the list in the image below. Click on the top left image if the text is too difficult to read in your browser as it displays below.

Apple Music Playlist by Jim Rovira: Cool Acoustic.


World AIDS Day: Pierce Pettis, “Stickman”

jpeg-1Not crazy about the video (it’s amateur, not official), but Pierce Pettis’s “Stickman” is my offering for World AIDS Day. If you’re not familiar with Pierce Pettis and like acoustic guitar, Chase the Buffalo is one of his best albums and eminently worth a listen.

AIDS is a serious threat to world health and a great source of human suffering. The most important thing here isn’t establishing blame, but seeking solutions and remembering that the sufferers are human beings: