The Scars Project

The Scars Project is a collaborative mixed-media project by Lee Fearnside (photography) and James Rovira (poetry) that both records and artistically represents the visible effects of long-term trauma upon the human body, particularly skin. A full prospectus is below, with three images following.

Abdominal scar following the removal of a tumor.
Scar left from thoracic surgery.
This scar was left by a deer crashing through a windshield.

NaPoWriMo: Day 3, “Patti Smith”

I found myself wanting to write something for Patti Smith after listening to her latest album, Banga. It may well be her best album.

Patti Smith

Her beautiful rage:
the sharpened edge of her white
hot love for all life.

© James Rovira 2014
Written February 2014
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