Law School Isn’t the Slam Dunk It Used To Be

I’ve blogged in the past about the dangers of pursuing a degree in law. These dangers are reflective of problems with the legal profession nationally, as this reposted blog indicates.

Finding My College

The above graph, which should be of interest to any student who is considering a career in law, was published by Bloomberg as part of this article in Business Week about the demise of Howrey, a formerly renowned though subsequently bankrupt D.C. law firm.

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Reading Bones of the Moon

BonesofmoonWhen I first started drafting this blog, I’d just finished the third of three days teaching Jonathan Carroll’s Bones of the Moon. “Teaching” is perhaps a misleading word after the first day, as for the most part we talk about the book — so my students may as well be teaching me. The first day, though, I need to teach. Carroll’s novels are often complex and somewhat strange psychological explorations, and students need some introduction to Carroll’s language of the psyche. I ask my students to imagine their inner lives as a landscape, like a city or country populated by characters, and then project that land outwards. If they could do that, they’d have a Carrollesque novel. And they’d  have developed a myth.

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