William Blake’s Manuscripts: A Symposium

Blake's Manuscripts SymposiumThe schedule has now been set and registration is open for William Blake’s Manuscripts: A One-Day Symposium. This symposium will be held at the Huntington Library on June 7th, 2013, and the list of Blake luminaries speaking include (in alphabetical order) Luisa Calé, Mark Crosby, Morris Eaves, Alexander Gourlay, Steve Hindle, Rachel Lee, Joseph Viscomi, Angus Whitehead, and John Windle. Attendance costs $31.50 and includes lunch, introductory remarks, two plenary sessions, two panels, and closing remarks by Mark Crosby (lunch is optional: conference registration alone is $15.00 and free for students). I would encourage anyone interested in Blake and able to travel to San Marino, California in June to take advantage of this opportunity.

Babel in Biblia: The Tower in Ancient Literature


The Tower in Ancient Literature” is my 1998 essay for towerofbabel.com surveying the Tower of Babel in ancient semitic literatures and meditating on its commentary on wealth, power, and politics. This essay was translated by volunteers into the following languages:

Casino Royale

casinoroyaleA link to my essay about Casino Royale and recovering British masculinity originally published March 2007 on Metaphilm.

A Section Man’s Experience of The Catcher in the Rye

catcher-kaleidescopeI’m linking here to an essay that I wrote for Salinger.org my first year of graduate school, maybe 13 years ago: “A Section Man’s Experience of The Catcher in the Rye.”  Ah, the writing I wish I could go back and edit.

This essay was translated into Spanish spain by a volunteer for towerofbabel.com.

Subverting the Mechanisms of Control…

ImageI’m reposting here an article of mine from 2005: “Subverting the Mechanisms of Control: Baudrillard, The Matrix Trilogy, and the Future of Religion” from the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies.

Somewhat more ancient versions of this article can be found at Riverwest Currents (about The Matrix Reloaded) and my original short essay at towerofbabel.com (about the original Matrix film), where it was translated into Turkish.

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