The Littlest iPad Freak

My youngest daughter, Zoe (23 months old) is an iPad freak. She’s not an iPad lover. She’s not an iPad fan.  She is an iPad freak. She’s always the first one to get up in the morning. She runs into my room almost every morning, maybe or maybe not saying hello, but always… always… runs straight for my iPhone. She likes my xylophone and piano apps. And to make calls. Earlier today she was napping in her bed next to my wife, woke up, and immediately grabbed my wife’s phone. My wife

took it away from her and told her to go back to sleep. She cried but laid back down. FIve minutes later she sat up again, grabbed my wife’s netbook, and said “iPad!” My wife said, “No, your Daddy has the iPad.” So she ran out of her bedroom into the living room looking for me. On the couch. Says a lot about me, I think. She didn’t find me there, so went back to ask my wife again where I was. This time, she wasn’t so verbal. She just held up her hands, palms up, and looked incredulously at my wife, who said to her, “Your daddy is in his room.” So she ran into the other bedroom, didn’t find me, and ran straight back to her mother, who told her that I was in the Big Room where my office is.

Zoe then ran all the way across the house, all the way across the big room, and then straight to my desk, saying “AH!.” I gave her the iPad.  What else could I do?

But, I have to go now, because, thank God, she now wants me to read a book to her…

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